Carpet Care - Upholstery - Tile & Grout

Call on us for cleaning, sanitising, deodorising and protecting your soft furnishings from harmful stains, airborne allergens and deep dirt. Regular carpet cleaning is one clear way to enhance the air quality in a room. Deep cleaning all soft furnishings and carefully cleaning tile-and-grout floors improves the standard of cleanliness in both home and office.

We guarantee our cleaning processes are high quality, with bright results every time.



Steve Scott’s Carpet Care provides a free onsite quote. Contact me and we will carry out a pre-inspection of the carpets, rugs and soft furnishings that need cleaning. We take note of any stains, heavily soiled areas and traffic patterns that may need special treatment, discussing the most appropriate product and cleaning solutions with you before we proceed. By calling on us, you can experience first-hand our years of specialised cleaning knowledge.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning keeps your carpets looking new for years. Area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, upholstered furnishings, wall coverings and tiled floors are some of the high traffic areas and surfaces that Steve Scott’s Carpet Care maintains on a periodic basis for our clients.

Keeping your family safe and your home healthy depends on how you manage and care for your living spaces. We can help you with ensuring your carpets, rugs, soft furnishings, bed bases and mattresses are thoroughly cleaned as required and your fabrics regularly protected against spills, soiling and stains. Our step-by-step soft dry cleaning processes allow you to manage your home and family health effectively.

One home at a time, Steve Scott’s Carpet Care focuses on improving lifestyle quality.

Our Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) -trained technicians apply in-depth knowledge of the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment we use, baby safe cleaning products and effective cleaning processes to remove stains, deep dirt and airborne pollutants from your home.

Steve Scott’s Carpet Care cleaning services include:

  • Answering any questions you have about problem areas
  • Providing a free onsite quote
  • Selecting effective cleaning solutions
  • Commitment to using safe and eco-friendly products
  • Carefully moving furnishings as required
  • Pre-treating the problem areas
  • Professionally cleaning all agreed areas
  • Applying deodorisers and fabric protection on request
  • Returning furniture to original positions
  • Finishing every job to a high standard
  • Contact me on 0438 818 034 to set up a time we can discuss your carpet cleaning requirements.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Steve Scott’s Carpet Care provides large and small businesses with reliable carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and other specialised cleaning services. During our initial onsite visit, we listen to you and share ideas on a schedule that will solve your carpet cleaning problems. We work flexible hours to suit your needs. The cleanliness and air quality of your company’s workspaces and guest areas are key to maintaining your business image and to your success.

You can rely on Steve Scott’s Carpet Care for efficient cleaning processes that keep your offices attractive and healthy. We clean business premises in Brisbane and its western suburbs including Ipswich. Our qualified technicians have the knowledge and experience to remove most stains, spills and effects of soiling common to office and factory premises.

We customise a carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning plan to suit the requirements of your building and create a cost-effective schedule sufficient to keep your offices in immaculate condition. We look at high and low traffic areas, evaluate facility usage and arrange for regular service inspections to ensure we’re performing cleaning services according to contract. Our satisfied clients are testimony to our fast, friendly and efficient cleaning services.

Contact me today on 0438 818 034 to book a free onsite visit. Our staff are ACCI-accredited and experienced in recognising and adhering to office protocols.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Regular mopping is not always enough to keep tiled floors looking their best, especially in high traffic areas around the home or office. Deep soiling occurs over time and effective cleaning solutions need to be found. Steve Scott’s Carpet Care technicians are experts in brightening the appearance of your tile and grout areas.

Stubborn dirt settles on tile surfaces and deeply into grout lines, making them almost impossible to clean using conventional methods.

Steve Scott’s Carpet Care uses the latest equipment and ecologically safe products for tile and grout cleaning. Our technicians are skilled at managing jobs of any size. Contact me on 0438 818 034 for a free onsite quote.

Upholstery Cleaning

The soft and padded textile coverings used in soft furnishings need a cleaning in stages with consideration of its multiple layers. There are many kinds of spills, stains, odours and deep dirt that can affect the life of delicate or exquisite fabrics and special care must be taken when removing them. Steve Scott’s Carpet Care technicians are Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) –trained and experienced in helping our clients with a wide variety of cleaning problems.

Care is taken to ensure upholstered fabrics are thoroughly cleaned using the right processes. Our technicians are also able to ensure soft fabrics are protected with eco-friendly products that prevent spots and spills from causing long term damage to your upholstery.

Contact Steve Scott’s Carpet Care on 0438 818 034 for a free upholstery cleaning quote.

Mattress Cleaning

House proud home owners and accommodation providers regularly dust and clean, yet the build-up of dust, soil and moisture becomes a breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria and fungi, especially in mattresses. These allergens can become a family health hazard if not properly managed. Mattress cleaning on a regular basis is essential for maintaining a healthy home, hotel or bed and breakfast facility. Using superior quality equipment and eco-friendly products, Steve Scott’s Carpet Care applies a multi-step process of mattress cleaning to completely remove all potentially dangerous bacteria including the excrement of micro-organisms and other allergens from your mattresses.

Take the headaches out of mattress cleaning by contacting me on 0438 818 034 for a free onsite quote. 

Pest Control Services

Concerned about creepy crawly running around your house. You can put your mind at ease by using our Pest Control Service. Webbing spiders, cockies, silverfish, ants and fleas can all be treated successfully. Better still you don't have to empty the cupboards out, no strange toxic odours.

Don't put up with these pests any longer contact me on 0438818034