Welcome to Steve Scott’s Carpet Care

Soft dry carpet cleaning services are our speciality. Having a professional carpet cleaner attend to your soft carpet care can bring you great relief. You can rest assured your carpets will be clean, fresh and bright after a cleansing experience from Steve Scott’s Carpet Care.

Regular and effective cleaning reduces the build up of deep dirt in your carpets, rugs, mattresses and soft furnishings. Hiring a highly-skilled soft dry cleaning professional means you will benefit from years of experience in removing stains, reducing allergens and improving air quality in your environment.

You can rely on Steve Scott’s Carpet Care for quality workmanship and bright results every time. Contact me today for a free quote. We service Brisbane and its western suburbs including Ipswich.

Reasons to call me

Caring for your carpets and soft furnishings is my pleasure. When you call me, I will visit you onsite and listen to the carpet care problems you have, provide you with a free quote without any hidden surprises, then deliver effective cleaning solutions.

We know your time is valuable and you can count on Steve Scott’s Carpet Care to turn up on time, move furniture carefully as needed, treat most stains and guarantee all cleaning work is completed to a professional standard.

Steve Scott’s Carpet Care is an Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) member, Government Certified (Cert2-Cert3) and a qualified Master Technician Q818.

We provide a thorough pre-vacuum with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a sealed HEPA filter. These high-efficiency air filters remove 99.97% of airborne dust particles.

Fast drying times mean your carpets will be softer and ready to walk on within an hour and all of our non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products are safe for babies.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Steve Scott’s Carpet Care can help you with a full range of rug and carpet cleaning. We also have extensive product knowledge and experience in cleaning upholstery, removing allergens from beds and mattresses as well as brightening up tile and grout flooring.

Our clients in Brisbane, Collingwood Park, Toowong, Springfield Lakes, Hamilton, Ascot and its western suburbs including Ipswich rely on us for friendly, fast and efficient cleaning services.

We guarantee a thorough clean every time. Pre-vacuuming with a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner eliminates any dry soil particles. We use 90% less water in the cleaning process, ensuring carpets are dry and comfortable to walk on almost immediately after cleaning is complete. There is less wastage in our eco-friendly carpet cleaning system. We are proud of the way we clean.

Contact me today for a free quote. Family home, end-of-lease and special cleaning requirements are in safe hands with Steve Scott’s Carpet Care. We make sure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and protected from pet stains, odour, food stains, grease and other tough stains.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our proven cleaning processes and eco-friendly cleaning products give you a wide range of options for handling difficult odours, urine stains, nail polish, rust marks, food stains and drink spills.

Steve Scott’s Carpet Care provide upholstery cleaning services that are very quick drying and fabric protection treatments that protect your fine fabrics from soiling and stains.  Once your upholstery and soft surfaces are protected, you’ll notice spots and spills clean up more easily.

Contact me today for a free quote. We provide professional upholstery cleaning at affordable rates and can advise you on cleaning products that are safe to use.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Steve Scott’s Carpet Care knows how important appearance is to your business. We provide a variety of regular commercial cleaning services to help you maintain the soft furnishings and carpeting in your offices. Our working hours are flexible, to suit your needs.

The application of safe and eco-friendly protective fabric treatments helps your soft carpets resist stains and keeps furnishings and high traffic areas clean longer.

Our ACCI-trained technicians are Government Certified (Cert2-Cert3) in carpet cleaning and specialists in hard to remove grease, wine, rust, nail polish, food and other tough stains. Friendly and focused, our cleaning teams unobtrusively attend to all of your cleaning requirements with a high level of professionalism and care.

You can count on Steve Scott’s Carpet Care to respond to problems like coffee spills, printing toner spillover, delivery track marks and other mishaps. Our fast drying system and efficient service ensures your office returns to business as usual in the shortest possible time.

For professional commercial cleaning services in Brisbane and its western suburbs including Ipswich, contact me for a free onsite quote.